Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage as the name suggests works at a deeper muscular level than Holistic Massage. This massage will specifically target problematic areas of bodily stress and strain, which may arise from working from home, exercising after a break or for an event, or postural issues. Deep Tissue Massage uses long, flowing strokes and also the use of the therapist’s forearms, elbows, knuckles as well as the palms and thumbs to release and loosen muscular tightness or ‘knots’. it is the quickest way to deal with areas of muscular tension and the relief is instant.

For those who have not tried Deep Tissue Massage before and are concerned about it being painful, fear not! The pace of this massage is slow, the muscles are warmed up first and only areas that need it are given deep pressure, the more relaxed the body the deeper the therapist can work. The pressure is tailored to individual clients with care and respect for the body.