Sports/ Remedial Massage

I am qualified in ITEC Level 4 Sports Massage which is accepted by some healthcare insurers. Sports Massage therapists are trained to a higher level in anatomy and physiology and how to work with injuries and postural issues. Sports or Remedial Massage can be applied to clients from any walk of life, it is designed to treat anyone wanting to guard against or recover from a soft tissue injury or ongoing muscloskeletal complaints. Beyond just treating injuries, Sports Massage can help prevent injuries, strengthen and support muscles. The aim of the treatment is to leave the client feeling not just relaxed or good but feeling better.

This massage uses some of the techniques of Holistic or Deep Tissue Massage but the difference is that this massage is more tailored and focused on specific complaints and may just treat 1 or a few problem areas rather than the whole body. It can also require more participation from the client when employing such techniques such as active stretching.